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Learning Outcomes

As you already know, everyone likes a great story.
From books to documentaries, films, and photography, there are several ways to share your story with your target audience, but none of these ways are as easy as starting a podcast. Creating and disseminating content will take a few minutes but assembling content for an audio-based medium can be a devious task though it’s not some form of rocket science. This course is all that you need to launch your own podcast. Whether you're converting your script, blog posts, or a one-on-one interview, podcast storytelling is a great way to create engaging content for your audience.

Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular way of campaigning, awareness-raising, and advocacy, with numbers of podcasts growing each year, now more than ever there has never been a more convenient time to start your own podcast for a cause that you care about. In this course, you will learn everything that is essential for creating your own campaign and or personal podcast.

You will learn how to develop the concept of your podcast and how to choose your podcast format. You will also learn how to record and edit your podcast, how to pick platforms that are best for publishing your podcast, and how to launch your podcast and get your first listeners.
You will be able to develop your own plan for a podcast, produce a script and finally explore different platforms to publish your podcast.


This is a self-paced course, that you can do at your own rhythm. You can come back any time to where you left it by clicking “Resume the course” when you connect to https://russian.courses.sogicampaigns.org/

Each lesson can be taken individually but we recommend you follow the suggested line, as each lesson is connected to the previous ones.

Each lesson contains Pause and Think moments, which encourage you to lean back and reflect over the given question. While you can of course directly click on the lightbulb icon that reveals our own reflections, we encourage you to take these breaks, as they are an essential part of the learning journey.

On the right hand side, the pencil icon will open your private notebook where you can copy/paste the course content that you want to save and write any personal notes. You can download this notebook at any time.

Lesson Plan

Why Start a Podcast?

Selecting a Concept for your Podcast

How to Structure your Podcast?

The Equipment you Need

Writing your Podcast Script

How to Record and Edit your Podcast?

Lauching your Podcast

Getting your First Listeners

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